Short Fiction

“Cactus Season” in May/June 2019 Analog Science Fiction and FactAmazon | Barnes & Noble

“Stellar Nursery” in Planet ScummBandcamp (print, eBook & audiobook)

• “Strange Remembrances of Death” in Planet Scumm – Bandcamp (print, eBook & audiobook)

• “The Sentry” in Asimov’s Science Fiction – Amazon | Barnes & Noble

• “Mirror of Stars” in Bastion Science Fiction Magazine – Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Weightless Books

• “How Sound Travels” in LOST Magazine

• “Electric Tech Guy Blues” in Pindeldyboz

Non-Fiction (Selected)

• “Consider The Roly Poly” in The Awl

• “The Agave Plant’s Asparagus Death Fetish” in The Awl

• “Margaret Atwood’s The Heart Goes Last Asks What a Comfortable Life Is Worth?” in the Barnes & Noble Blog

• “7 Recent Sci-Fi and Fantasy Epics for Everyone” in the Barnes & Noble Blog

• “Will the Real Frank Smith Stand Up” in The Morning News

• “Grandmas Against Magazines” in The Billfold

• “Sallie Mae Helping You Pay Less, So You Owe Them More” in The Billfold

• “Superheroes Who Are Unlikely to See Their Origin Stories Developed Into Movies” in McSweeney’s

• “How ‘Weird’ Al Saved My Life” in Maisonneuve

• “I Love You Most of All, My Favorite Vege-Table: Brian Wilson at Carnegie Hall” in Maisonneuve

• “The Reigning Sound: Drowning Out the Noise in Your Head” in Maisonneuve

• “Jon Spencer, Twenty-First Century Man” in Maisonneuve