ArmadilloCon 43 upcoming appearance

ArmadilloCon 43 in Austin, Texas, October 15–17, 2021

God willing and the COVID numbers don’t rise, I’ll be a guest at this year’s ArmadilloCon 2021, here in Austin, TX. The event runs from October 15–17, 2021 at the Omni Southpark hotel.

This is my first time appearing as a guest at the event, or any event. So I’m looking forward to joining a few panels and meeting some people.

Things have been quiet ’round these parts. I’ve got some stuff in the works but spent the majority of the non-vaccinated pandemic times just freaking out and getting my family through it. I did finish a first draft of a book and a few short stories. They’re all in that nightmare first draft phase though. It is good to have something to work on, however.

Anyway, I’ll share more information as I have it, recap the event when I can. You can visit the ArmadilloCon site for more.