Disco wizards and space bugs in the new Planet Scumm book

I’ve got two stories in the new Planet Scumm book, compiling the first four issues of the magazine. The stories include “Stellar Nursery” and “Strange Remembrances of Death”. Both of ’em are pretty good, and there are some pretty good stories by some pretty good writers.

Here’s the official description:

EVERYTHING! Volume 1 presents the first eighteen stories from science fiction magazine Planet Scumm in their most definitive form (so far). The diverse collection of authors found in this anthology come from all over the world, bringing us tales from the future; far future; far, far future; and even the day before yesterday.

In these pages, lone-wolf environmentalists meet hard-drinking disco wizards. Spacebugs from beyond the stars feast on wooden starships. A friendly neighborhood lobster finds itself the only witness to a murder. And somewhere, between the tales of strife and triumph, a gooey figure sits at the helm of his own personal planetoid, charting a lazy circuit around the galaxy….

I just got my copy today, and the fine folks at Spark & Fizz Books have done an outstanding job putting this book together.

The book is available for purchase now.

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